About us

Spend less. Read more.

BooksByKilo is an attempt made to sell books by weight and not by printed cost. Here you can find the wide range of books available and cost you can never believe. You are never alone if you read, books are your best companion in solitude.

We love what we do and we're fortunate to cultivate a truly remarkable collection of books that strikes the perfect balance between quantity and quality of selection. We believe a book that has been owned, read and cherished only add to its value.

We are a young and dynamic company, founded and run by a set of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds working together to build a successful business and above all, to create a customer delight. All of this is made possible by a well-chosen and wide range of books from Indian and International authors backed by prompt and user-friendly service, supported by the latest technology.

We are still at our initial stage looking forward to building a future filled with new opportunities, new innovations, new books, and of course our loyal customers! BooksByKilo has its own offline store at New Mumbai with e-commerce store and we are on a mission to provide the best destination for readers on local and national level, a platform that connects people with the books they'll love, a place that celebrates and encourages the culture of reading and to give people the convenient, user friendly and secure shopping experience.